SollieFoto is run by me, Ole Sollie.

The page more or less covers a part of my photographic journey.

It all began some time back in ~2001, equipped with the school’s digital camera that actually saved the files on a 3.5 floppy disks.
I can assure you this did not produce much usable in todays world of cameras. But I would say this was the spark that ignited an intrest.

2006 I took the step up to a DSLR and 2007 I spent a fair amount of time out in Stockholm as a nightlife photographer.

After this I started my own little web gallery SollieFoto.se and began to cover whatever suits me.
I have covered the Street Parade in Zürich since 2007, with the exception of 2009 due to extremely heavy rain and a canon 30D not really being weather sealed.
Another favorite is the MondayBar Cruises, you will find several of these in my archive.

More recently I’ve acquired the taste for photographing cars and car events, great fun and a lot of action.

So what the future will bring is anyone’s guess,but one thing is sure.
I will do what I love doing, bringing memories back from where they otherwise might have been forgotten!