Barkarby Meet & Baked Society

Had a nice chat with one of the arrangers from Baked Society yesterday.

Was nice to have a chat with one of the people behind the meet this time since one of my first reactions was that it all seemed so much more under control.
Great applauds to that!

Got to know a bit more about their well ironed team that made this possible.

Baked Society is a group of 4 people at the moment, who up until now have arranged smaller car meets and when asked if they where willing to take over Barkarby meet.
Do I need to explain that they said yes?

Planning began early and they also involved the police into the plan to get it all running as smooth as possible.
You can see clearly in some of the pictures how police officers help them by bringing authority to who is allowed into the show car park area.
This made the general parking area where I take my pictures, a lot less crowded and therefore the quality of the pictures improves.

Also, a deal was made with IKEA to keep the lights on during the evening.

Baked Society is all about the idea that you build your own car or “Bake your own car” as Rasmus said.
Anyone can buy a pre-made car, but customizing a car is something extra.
Building or customizing cars bring friends and people together and the results are always amazing.
Does’t matter if it is a modified Volvo 360 or a well built drift monster, do what YOU like and prefer and you will probably make someone smile.

This also makes it a lot of fun as a photographer out in the events, especially as many of the cars are ongoing project and you realize something have been changed each time you see it.

Be sure to check out their Facebook page and give them the well earned credit for their first car meet of this scale.
Also stay tuned to it as they are already planning future happenings with events that will bring even more fun to the car meets.

As for myself I’m very pleased with the feedback on the pictures, the webpage I still need to work on a bit though (but its always more fun taking pictures and working with them).
At the moment I am working through sorting my own archive of pictures since I want to update my portfolio.

Hope all my new found followers will enjoy my adventures in photography! 🙂

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