Barkarby CarMeet 2015-09-19

Baked Society once again delivered a car meet that was outstanding! Well organized with Food trucks, Teams, companies and not to forget all enthusiasts. Both professionals and amateurs. This gives a nice broad spectrum of the show and your bound to find something you like.

Quality Cars End of Summer Meet 2015

As a goodbye to the short Swedish summer, Quality Cars invited us all to their car lot for a nice end of summer meet. Quite a few nice cars here even though another meet was planned for the evening. Band playing and a burnout area as well.

Baked Society Beach Meet 2015

Combine a nice beach and a car meet and you have a wonderful mix! Sadly the weather came a bit in the way. But it was a great day with lots of great cars!

Big Power Meet Västerås 2015

Another lovely #Powermeet, Lots of amazing #ClassicCars! #Raggare #American #HotRods #Mustang #Chevrolet #Corvette #Pontiac #Västerås #Burning #Tiresmoke

Gatebil Mantorp 2015

Awesome day at the Mantorp Park track, Gatebil deliveres as usual a event that bring a smile to many lips! The Swedish summer lasted almost through all of Gatebil this year! 🙂

Barkarby Meet

Barkarby Meet, this year it was a lot better! Easier to get some nice pictures as it was a bit less crowded in the parking area! Very well done!

Westaroze Street Meet #1

Westaroze Street Meet #1

Elmia 2015

Elmia 2015

Dragrace Johannesberg 2008

Dragrace Johannesberg 2008

Cross Cart SM 2011

Cross Cart SM 2011